06 April 2015

Because of Him

Easter has always been a holiday that weighs heavily on my heart. The fresh newness of spring is easy to breathe in, but when I think of Him, it suddenly becomes hard to swallow. It's difficult to articulate how I feel about my Savior Jesus Christ. It's a deep, vulnerable feeling that my understanding of words like "love" and "gratitude" barely scratch the surface of. I like to think that I understand what He did, but I don't. When I stop to think about what my Savior really does for me, an awareness washes over me. It's everything. Everything I love, everything I have, and everything I want I owe to Him. Because of Him, I'm free. I'm happy. Because of Him, I have come to know a more whole version of myself. Because of Him, I can keep everything I hold sacred and dear. These gifts are overwhelming and beautiful and so joyful. It's really just not fair. But it's real.