13 July 2015

New Year's Updates

Well, it's been seven months, so I decided to check in on my New Year's Resolutions. It's been, you know, seven months since I've checked in, but I think I've made good progress nonetheless!

Our porch isn't ideal, but I managed to plant a garden anyway! I have 12 tomato plants, 8 bush beans, and a flourishing basil plant.

I have managed to stick pretty well to a meal plan! It's hard to say whether I've stuck to $40/week, but I suppose it's between $40 and $50 each week. The most important thing to me is that we don't waste food, and I'm happy to report that haven't thrown any food away (except for that one container of leftover lentils).

I'm also pleased to report that I haven't purchase any clothes or makeup at all! I realized I had to define what "extra" meant, and for me, that was clothes and makeup.

You could also say we've already managed to save our 20% down payment for a house, but I guess that depends on how expensive the house is! We're going to keep saving until winter, and we'll see what happens then.

Sorry . . . haven't done yoga every week, but I have done some sort of exercise at least twice a week, so I call that a success!

I'm still working on growing out my hair. It's seriously a daily struggle, which would make sense to those who know me well.

We went on a family camping trip for Memorial Day weekend, so check! That was my job. Curtis still needs to get us on a real vacation soon! I've been dying to go to Seattle since we got here.

Since mom is my job title, my professional goals included teaching Sebastian to ride his bike and use the toilet. Check and check! I have also started tutoring, earning a bit of extra cash too.

I haven't counted, really, but I am keeping on top of how many clothes are in my closet. I think I'll have to wear through the next season to really figure out where else I can cut. I'm not done yet, but I'm feeling confident!

All in all, I'd say I'm making good progress for the year. I still need to finish my programming course, read a book, and learn how to use a DSLR camera. I think I can do it!