10 August 2015

Ape Cave

It happens to the best of us. We get stuck in the rut of everyday life and we forget to do stuff. So Curtis and I decided it was time to get out and try something new. We heard about the Mt. St. Helens Ape Cave a week ago and thought we should go explore. It turned out to be a perfect activity for a hot summer day! The cave, discovered in the 1950s, is the longest lava tube in the continental US. The temperature was a cool 40 degrees and the lighting came only from our flashlights.

Near the entrance of the cave, Sebastian was understandably "a little bit nervous." We told him that it's OK to be nervous and that we should look at the cave closer so we could see what it was.

He had a good time touching the wet walls and dripping stalactites; he even let it slip that he had "a little bit of fun . . . I mean nervous."

Livia had a great time walking through all by herself. At first, she kept falling down because she's used to walking on flat sidewalks or soft carpet. She learned quickly to look where she was stepping, and she turned into a natural spelunker. At the very end of the cave, the tunnel tapered smaller and smaller . . . and Livia kept on exploring! I had to stop her before I couldn't fit any more!

We haven't stopped talking about the cave in our house and we can't wait for our next adventure.