04 May 2015

Five-year Anniversary (So We Flew to Texas)

Five years of marriage was spent in an unconventional way. Curtis and I talked for about five minutes and didn't look at each other the whole day. He drove out to the mountains by himself to get some space; I took the kids to my parents'. It was lousy, I'll admit. But not for the reasons you think. 

Curtis spent two weeks in North Carolina for work: one week before and one week after the quinquennial anniversary. Since he was in paradise and I was stuck by myself, I decided to take the babies to a significantly less boring location: Mimi and Pappaw's house!

We flew out on the twenty-forth, the actual anniversary, which is why Curtis and I didn't spend too much time talking together. Besides both babies being perfect angels on the flight, the only noteworthy things in the airport were these two potatoes that Sebastian sneaked through security in his pockets.

Happy anniversary, Dad!
Mimi and Pappaw wasted no time spoiling these babies. We had a pool party the first day with the Dorman and Turner cousins. Ten kids in that pool! It was a tad colder than comfortable, but you only live once, right? Sebastian didn't seem to mind at all. He had hot dogs and brownies for dinner, after all. 

After a day spent with my friends (with whom we took no selfies!), Mimi took us to the aquarium, which we all LOVED, of course. I once saw one of those 360-degree tunnels surrounded by sharks and fancy fish in Las Vegas and I've always wanted to walk through one. Well, today was my lucky day! And it was as cool as I imagined.

Angel right there . . . 

We apparently didn't get enough exotic in, so we spent the next day at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Few things, however, made these babies happier than the pool in the backyard. I remember swimming out here after school in the fall with my dad and brothers. We'd turn on different colored pool lights after the homework was done and the sun was down. I've yet to feel so relaxed again! That pool still knows how to make a kid feel care free! Sebastian watered plants for at least a solid hour.

But of course the fun had to end. One week just didn't seem long enough this time!

(I felt like a rock star in the back of the plane, i.e. the part of the plane where everyone with kids sits. While the four other babies/toddlers were whining and wrestling their parents, this mom had time to actually read a book. I didn't get far. Don't worry.)

No, so this post wasn't so much about our anniversary. But maybe another week we might do something with wood. Until then, Sebastian will probably ask when we are going back to Mimi's house.

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  1. I always had a goal to go through one of those aquarium tunnels too! I achieved my goal just a few years ago--I'm so glad you could too :)